J-3 - Act respecting administrative justice

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78. Each year, the president shall present a plan to the Minister in which he shall state his management objectives aimed at ensuring the accessibility of the Tribunal and the quality and promptness of its decision-making process and give an account of the results achieved in the preceding year.
The president shall include in the plan, in addition to the information requested by the Minister, the following information, compiled by the Tribunal on a monthly basis in respect of each division:
(1)  the number of days on which hearings were held and the average number of hours devoted to them;
(2)  the number of postponements granted;
(3)  the nature and number of cases in which conciliation was held, and the number of such cases where the parties reached an agreement;
(4)  the number of cases heard, the nature thereof and the places and dates of the hearings;
(5)  the number of cases taken under advisement, the nature thereof and the time devoted to advisement;
(6)  the number of decisions made;
(7)  the time devoted to the proceedings, from the date of the introductory motion until the beginning of the hearing or the making of the decision.
1996, c. 54, s. 78.