CCQ-1991 - Civil Code of Québec

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541.14. After his birth, the child is entrusted to the person alone or the spouses who formed the parental project, unless the woman or the person who gave birth to the child objects to it. In the event that the person alone or the spouses are deceased or unable to act, the child is entrusted to the director of youth protection.
Entrusting the child entails, by operation of law, the delegation of the exercise of parental authority and of tutorship to the person alone, the spouses or the director of youth protection, as the case may be.
Where the delegation is evidenced in writing, it shall be evidenced by notarial act en minute or by a private writing drawn up before two witnesses who have no interest in the surrogacy project. In the latter case, the author and the witnesses sign it, indicating the date and place of execution.
2023, c. 13, s. 20.