CCQ-1991 - Civil Code of Québec

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450. The private property of each spouse consists of
(1)  property owned or possessed by that spouse when the regime comes into effect;
(2)  property which devolves to that spouse during the regime by succession or gift, and the fruits and income derived from it if the testator or donor has so provided;
(3)  property acquired by that spouse to replace private property and any insurance indemnity relating thereto;
(4)  the rights or benefits devolved to that spouse as a subrogated holder or as a specified beneficiary under a contract or plan of retirement, other annuity or insurance of persons;
(5)  that spouse’s clothing and personal papers, wedding ring, decorations and diplomas;
(6)  the instruments required for that spouse’s occupation, saving compensation where applicable.
1991, c. 64, a. 450.