CCQ-1991 - Civil Code of Québec

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289.1. The tutor, before contracting a significant loan in relation to the patrimony of the person of full age, offering property as security, alienating important family property, an immovable or an enterprise, or demanding the definitive partition of immovables held by the person of full age in undivided co-ownership, shall obtain the authorization of the tutorship council or, if the property or security is worth more than $40,000, of the court, which seeks the advice of the tutorship council.
The tutorship council or the court does not allow the loan to be contracted, or property to be alienated by onerous title or offered as security, except where that is necessary to ensure the education and maintenance of the person of full age, to pay his debts, to maintain the property in good order or to safeguard the value of his patrimony, or where that is the wish of the person of full age and he is not at risk of suffering serious injury therefrom. The authorization then indicates the amount and conditions of the loan and the property that may be alienated or offered as security, and sets forth the conditions under which it may be done.
2020, c. 11, s. 51.