CCQ-1991 - Civil Code of Québec

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129.1. Any person may apply to have the designation “father”, “mother” or “parent” appearing in their child’s act of birth correspond to the designation of sex appearing in their act of birth or, at their choice, to have the designation “parent” appear in their child’s act of birth.
A child 14 years of age or over shall be notified of such an application and may object to the change of the designation “father” or “mother”, as the case may be. If an objection is made, the designation “parent” is assigned. A minor under 14 years of age shall be informed of the change made to his act by the person having parental authority.
The rules of procedure for such an application and the duties payable by the person making the application are determined by government regulation.
2022, c. 22, s. 39.