C-24.2 - Highway Safety Code

Full text
90.1. (Repealed).
1990, c. 83, s. 41; 2002, c. 29, s. 10.
Not in force
90.1. The Société may, on payment of the duties and fee fixed by regulation and of the insurance contribution fixed under sections 151 and 151.2 of the Automobile Insurance Act (chapter A-25), issue a driver’s licence to the holder of a driver’s licence issued by another administrative authority in Canada or the United States which has been expired for less than three years, if that holder settles in Québec and is not under a prohibition to operate a motor vehicle, or has not incurred cancellation or suspension of his licence or class of licence or suspension of his right to obtain a licence or class of licence that is in effect or imposed and yet to be in effect, including any under a law of Canada, of another province or a territory of Canada or under a law of a State of the United States.
However, the Société may require that the holder undergo an examination where the licence applied for is a licence giving authorization to drive a commercial vehicle, an emergency vehicle, a taxi, a bus or a minibus.
1990, c. 83, s. 41.