C-24.2 - Highway Safety Code

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202.5.1. If a peace officer has reasonable grounds to suspect that a person who is driving a road vehicle or who has the care or control of a road vehicle is a danger to himself or to other road users, the peace officer may require the person to undergo a test, at the time the peace officer intercepts him, to check whether he is able to orient in space and time.
If the person fails the test, the peace officer shall immediately suspend, on behalf of the Société, the person’s licence or right to obtain a licence.
The suspension is maintained until the person establishes, through a medical examination carried out as specified in section 73, that the person does not suffer from an illness or deficiency or is not in a condition which, under the medical or health standards established by regulation, is essentially inconsistent with the driving of a road vehicle.
A government regulation determines the tenor of the test and the parameters for establishing whether a person has failed it or not.
2018, c. 7, s. 29.