C-12 - Charter of human rights and freedoms

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82. The commission may also apply to a tribunal for any appropriate measure against any person who attempts to take or takes reprisals against a person, group or organization having an interest in the handling of a case of discrimination or exploitation or having participated therein either as the victim, the complainant, a witness or otherwise.
The commission may, in particular, request the tribunal to order that, on such date as it deems fair and expedient under the circumstances, the injured person be instated in the position or dwelling he would have occupied had it not been for the contravention.
1975, c. 6, s. 82; 1989, c. 51, s. 5.
82. If the commission is unable to bring the parties to a settlement of their dispute, it shall inform them of the result of its investigation.
It may recommend the cessation of the act complained of, the performance of an act, or the payment of an indemnity, within the delay it fixes.
1975, c. 6, s. 82.