A-3.001 - Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

Full text
428. (Repealed).
1985, c. 6, s. 428; 1997, c. 27, s. 24; 2015, c. 15, s. 116.
428. Each month, the president shall forward, to the Minister, in addition to any information otherwise requested by the Minister:
(1)  the number of days on which hearings were held and the average number of hours devoted to them;
(2)  the number of postponements granted;
(3)  the number of cases in which a conciliation meeting took place, the nature thereof, together with the number of such cases in which an agreement was reached between the parties;
(4)  the number of cases heard, the nature thereof and the places and dates of the hearings;
(5)  the number of cases taken under advisement, the nature thereof and the time devoted to advisement;
(6)  the number of decisions made;
(7)  the number of decisions made that have the effect of confirming or quashing an opinion given by a member of the Bureau d’évaluation médicale;
(8)  the time devoted to proceedings, from the filing of the introductory application to the beginning of the hearing and the making of the decision.
1985, c. 6, s. 428; 1997, c. 27, s. 24.
428. A commissioner may visit the premises or order an expert appraisal by a qualified person designated by him to examine and assess the facts of the case referred to him.
The owner, the lessee and the occupant of premises that a commissioner wishes to visit shall facilitate his access thereto.
1985, c. 6, s. 428.