A-3.001 - Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

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334.1. An employer who is personally liable for the payment of benefits may file with the Commission an irrevocable letter of credit issued by a legal person in favour of the Commission instead of making a contract described in section 334. In the event of default by the employer, the letter of credit must cover the payment of benefits to beneficiaries and of the assessment referred to in section 343 not otherwise covered by a contract made in accordance with section 334. It must also be cashable by the Commission if the employer becomes subject to Chapter IX under section 336 and must be in compliance with the other conditions fixed by the Commission.
Not later than 75 days before the expiry date of the previous letter of credit, an employer who avails himself of the first paragraph must file with the Commission a new letter of credit meeting the requirements of the first paragraph, unless the employer has filed proof of making a contract described in section 334 that is applicable from the expiry date of the first letter of credit and under which a person undertakes to assume the obligations of the employer that are not otherwise covered by another contract made in accordance with that section.
If the legal person issuing the letter of credit is not governed by any of the Acts listed in the second paragraph of section 334, the Commission may require proof that the solvency of that person is in accordance with generally applicable principles in that regard.
2006, c. 53, s. 20.