A-29.01 - Act respecting prescription drug insurance

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62.1. Manufacturers and wholesalers must establish rules to govern their commercial practices and mutually agreed mechanics for those rules. The rules must include a dispute resolution process.
The rules must be sent in writing to the Minister by the manufacturers’ representatives no later than 21 April 2009 and by the wholesalers’ representatives no later than 21 April 2010. Any amendments to the rules must be sent to the Minister as soon as possible after their adoption.
The Minister may ask the manufacturers and wholesalers to make specified amendments to those rules or their mechanics within a specified time.
If the manufacturers or wholesalers fail to comply with the first paragraph, if the Minister does not agree with the rules and mechanics established by them or if they fail to make the specified amendments within the specified time, the Minister may, by regulation, establish those rules and their mechanics.
2005, c. 40, s. 24.