V-9 - Act respecting roads

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13.1. Any road that is crossed or bordered by an electric power transmission line of a government enterprise or one of its subsidiaries is subject to a servitude affecting the site required by the transmission line, without indemnity and subject to the terms of an agreement between the Minister and the enterprise or the subsidiary.
The servitude stands if the management of the road is devolved to a municipality or if the road is closed. However, the servitude is extinguished with the dismantling of the electric power transmission line.
As soon as an order to entrust the management of the road to a municipality is made by the Government under the first paragraph of section 3, the Minister so informs the enterprise or the subsidiary whose electric power transmission line is subject to the servitude. The enterprise or subsidiary must publish the servitude in the land register by means of a notice which must include the terms of the agreement between the enterprise or subsidiary and the Government. As soon as the servitude is published, it is enforceable against the municipality or any person who later acquires the immovable that comprises the site of the servitude.
2005, c. 48, s. 1.