U-0.1 - Act respecting bargaining units in the social affairs sector

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1. This Act introduces a union representation system applicable to associations of employees and institutions in the social affairs sector whose process of negotiation is governed by the Act respecting the process of negotiation of the collective agreements in the public and parapublic sectors (chapter R-8.2).
To that end, this Act establishes classes of personnel according to which bargaining units are to be constituted, and limits their number. It also provides for a mechanism by which an association of employees may be certified to represent the employees included in a bargaining unit following an integration of activities, an amalgamation of institutions, or a partial transfer of activities from one institution to another. Finally, it sets out the special terms according to which the parties, following the certification of the new association of employees, must negotiate the matters defined as being the subject of clauses negotiated and agreed at the local or regional level.
2003, c. 25, s. 1.