T-7.1 - Act respecting agricultural lands in the domain of the State

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43.7. Where a written objection from an interested occupant is received within the prescribed twenty-one days, the Minister shall examine the reasons therefor and, where necessary, attempt to conciliate the parties to achieve agreement as to the rights of each party; in the case of disagreement, the plans so drawn up and taking into account the occupancy of the premises prevail over the titles of the occupant as regards the transfer.
Where the Minister fails to conciliate the parties and the objecting party or any assign of that party has not exercised his recourses during the three months following the expiry of the prescribed period determined for filing his objection by filing an application before the court impleading the Minister, the party or assign shall be deprived of his claims in respect of the land and the Minister may proceed to the identification of the grantee.
1987, c. 84, s. 26.