T-15 - Public Works Act

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32. No claim for damages alleged to have been occasioned, either directly or indirectly, to any land or other property, by the construction, maintenance or management of a public work, and no claim arising out of the execution of any contract or agreement for the construction of such public work or of a part thereof, shall be submitted to or entertained by the arbitrators appointed under this act, unless such claim and the particulars thereof have been filed with the secretary of the Department within twelve months next after the loss or injury complained of, when such claim relates to damage occasioned to land or other property, and when such claim relates to, or is alleged to arise out of the execution or fulfilment of any contract or agreement for the construction of any public work, unless the same has been filed as aforesaid within three months next after the date of the final estimate made under such contract. Nothing in this section shall prevent the arbitrators entertaining, investigating or settling any claims filed in the proper office, within the delay allowed by any act in force in Québec at the time of the construction of such public work.
R. S. 1964, c. 138, s. 32.