S-8 - Act respecting the Société d’habitation du Québec

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68.21. If the Société exercises its pre-emptive right, it must pay the price of the immovable within 60 days after notifying the notice of its intention to acquire the immovable. If the Société cannot pay the amount to the owner, it may deposit it, on the owner’s behalf, at the office of the Superior Court.
Sections 133 to 135, 138 and 139 of the Act respecting expropriation (chapter E-25) apply, with the necessary modifications.
In the absence of a notarial contract, the Société becomes the owner of the immovable by registering a notice of transfer of ownership in the land register; the notice must include a description of the immovable, the price and conditions of its acquisition, and the date on which the Société will take possession of the immovable.
The notice of transfer must be served on the owner at least 30 days before it is registered in the land register.
To be registered, the notice must be accompanied by documents confirming that the amount has been paid to the owner or deposited at the office of the Superior Court and proof that the notice has been served on the owner.
2024, c. 2, s. 58.