S-8 - Act respecting the Société d’habitation du Québec

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68.20. The Société may, not later than 60 days following notification of the notice of intention to alienate, notify a notice to the owner of its intention to exercise its pre-emptive right and to acquire the immovable at the price and on the conditions stated in the notice of intention to alienate, subject to any modifications subsequently agreed on with the owner. If the notice of intention to alienate contains an estimate of the value of a non-monetary consideration, the price must be increased by an equal amount.
The Société may, during that period, require from the owner any information allowing it to assess the condition of the immovable. It may also, after giving 48 hours’ prior notice, access the immovable to conduct, at its own expense, any study or analysis it considers useful.
If the Société does not notify the notice provided for in the first paragraph to the owner within that 60-day period, it is deemed to have waived its pre-emptive right.
If the Société waives its pre-emptive right and the proposed alienation occurs, it must have the notice of its pre-emptive right removed from the land register.
2024, c. 2, s. 58.