S-8 - Act respecting the Société d’habitation du Québec

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68.18. The notice of the Société’s pre-emptive right must identify the immovable concerned and describe the purposes for which it may be acquired.
The notice must be notified to the owner of the immovable and takes effect on being registered in the land register. It is valid for the period specified in the notice, which may not exceed 10 years.
The Société may not have a notice of pre-emptive right registered in respect of an immovable that is already the subject of such a notice registered by a municipal body under the Cities and Towns Act (chapter C-19), the Municipal Code of Québec (chapter C-27.1) or the Act respecting public transit authorities (chapter S-30.01).
The Société may, for the purpose of exercising the pre-emptive right, act as mandatary of a municipal body that has adopted a pre-emptive right by-law under any of the Acts referred to in the third paragraph. It may then provide, in its notice of pre-emptive right, that the immovable may be acquired for a purpose within the jurisdiction of the Société.
For the purposes of this section, a municipal body is a municipality, an intermunicipal management board or a public transit authority.
2024, c. 2, s. 58.