S-8 - Act respecting the Société d’habitation du Québec

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68.12. Any contribution that, under a provision of a housing program of the Société, an operating agreement entered into pursuant to such a program or any other document pertaining to such a program or operating agreement, must be paid by a body receiving financial assistance to a community housing fund, a social housing fund or the Fonds québécois d’habitation communautaire must, despite that provision, be paid to the Société.
Despite any provision of such a program, agreement or document, the contribution of a body may not be reduced or cancelled unless the body demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the Société, that the financial viability of its project is compromised.
2013, c. 30, s. 7; 2016, c. 17, s. 120.
68.12. If the Société specifies, in its housing programs, that contributions must be paid by the bodies receiving financial assistance under those programs, the Government designates the person in charge of receiving, administering and distributing those contributions, according to the rules it establishes.
2013, c. 30, s. 7.