S-8 - Act respecting the Société d’habitation du Québec

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3.3.1. With the authorization of the Government, the Société may acquire or establish any subsidiary that may be useful in the pursuit of its mission.
A legal person all of whose common shares are held directly or indirectly by the Société is a subsidiary of the Société. A subsidiary of the Société is a mandatary of the State.
The provisions of this Act, with the exception of sections 2, 3.1 to 3.3, 3.5, 6 to 22, 51 to 86.1, except subparagraph l of the first paragraph of section 86, sections 87 and 88.1, the second paragraph of section 89 and sections 90 to 94.5 apply to a subsidiary of the Société, with the necessary modifications.
The Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (chapter A-2.1) applies to a subsidiary of the Société.
2005, c. 28, s. 129.