S-6.2 - Act respecting pre-hospital emergency services

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69. Before requesting that an ambulance technician be temporarily or permanently struck from the national workforce registry maintained by the Minister, a regional medical director of pre-hospital emergency services must, in the cases enumerated in paragraph 1 of section 67, request the ambulance technician to take corrective action within the time he or she specifies and so inform the technician’s employer.
In the cases referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 of section 67, or where the ambulance technician does not comply with a request of the regional medical director under the first paragraph or under section 68 within the time specified, the regional medical director may, within 60 days after the request, request the national medical director of pre-hospital emergency services to form a review committee which may confirm the ambulance technician’s registration or temporarily or permanently strike the ambulance technician from the registry.
The regional medical director must inform the technician’s employer of the reasons for the request made to the national medical director.
2002, c. 69, s. 69.