S-6.2 - Act respecting pre-hospital emergency services

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165. The call coordination centre “Groupe Alerte Santé Inc.”, a legal person constituted on 20 February 1997 under Part IA of the Companies Act (chapter C-38), is authorized to apply to the Inspector General of Financial Institutions for the issue of letters patent constituting its members as a legal person governed by Part III of the Companies Act pursuant to section 221 of that Act ; for that purpose, the shareholders of the legal person are deemed to be its members.
On the date on which the letters patent are issued,
(1)  the authorized capital stock of the legal person and all its issued shares are cancelled ;
(2)  the shareholders of the legal person are entitled as former shareholders to claim from the legal person, within one month after the date of issue of the letters patent, the book value of their shares as established in the legal person’s audited financial statements at 31 March 2002.
The legal person’s property continues to belong to the legal person, and the legal person retains its rights, obligations and responsibilities in respect of third persons without prejudice to the causes of actions having already arisen.
If the centre “Groupe Alerte Santé Inc.” fails to apply for the issue of the new letters patent by 19 March 2003, the Minister may, without further formality, determine that the regions which would have been served by “Groupe Alerte Santé Inc.” will be served by another health communication centre determined by the Minister.
2002, c. 69, s. 165.