S-6.2 - Act respecting pre-hospital emergency services

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106. A person authorized in writing by the Minister to make an inspection may, to ascertain whether this Act, its statutory instruments or any regulation applicable to the Corporation made under this Act are being complied with,
(1)  enter, at any reasonable time, premises occupied by the Corporation ;
(2)  examine and make a copy of any document relating to the activities carried on by the Corporation ;
(3)  demand any information relating to such activities and the production of any document connected with them.
Every person having custody, possession or control of such documents and any other person working on the premises must give the inspector reasonable assistance, furnish the inspector with the information or documents requested and facilitate the examination of them.
The inspector must, on request, produce a certificate signed by the Minister attesting to the inspector’s quality.
2002, c. 69, s. 106.