S-4.2 - Act respecting health services and social services

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181.0.1. With a view to improving the quality of services offered and in a manner respectful of individual and group rights, the board of directors must create a watchdog committee to be responsible mainly for ensuring the follow-up, with the board, of the recommendations made by the local service quality and complaints commissioner or the Health and Social Services Ombudsman regarding complaints or interventions made under this Act or the Act respecting the Health and Social Services Ombudsman (chapter P-31.1).
The committee is also to be responsible for coordinating all the activities of the other authorities established within the institution to exercise responsibilities relating to any of the elements mentioned in subparagraph 1 of the second paragraph of section 181.0.3, and for ensuring that their recommendations are followed up.
2005, c. 32, s. 91.