S-32.1 - Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, film, the recording arts, literature, arts and crafts and the performing arts

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63.2. A complaint referred to in the second paragraph of section 24.2 must be filed with the Tribunal within six months of the facts complained about coming to light.
If the Tribunal considers that the artists’ association has contravened the provisions of the first paragraph of that section, it may render any decision it believes fair and reasonable, taking into account all the circumstances of the matter. The Tribunal may, in particular, authorize the artist to submit his claim to an arbitrator appointed by the Minister for decision in the manner provided for in the group agreement, as in the case of a grievance. The second paragraph of section 35.1 applies. The artists’ association shall pay the artists’ costs.
The producer may not invoke the association’s non-observance of the procedure and time limits provided for in the group agreement for the settlement of grievances where a claim is referred to an arbitrator under the first paragraph.
2022, c. 20, s. 28.