S-32.1 - Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, film, the recording arts, literature, arts and crafts and the performing arts

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55. The presenter shall keep up to date, at his principal establishment, a record in respect of the works by artists from the fields of arts and crafts and visual arts which are in his possession, but of which he is not the owner.
The record shall set out
(1)  the name of the person who holds title to each work;
(2)  a note permitting to identify the work;
(3)  the nature of the contract pursuant to which the work is in the possession of the presenter.
The entries shall be kept in the record of the presenter for as long as he assumes responsibility for the works pursuant to a contract. An artist bound by contract to the presenter may consult the record at any time during the office hours of the administrative services.
1987, c. 72, s. 55; 2009, c. 32, s. 12; 2022, c. 20, ss. 26 and 41.
55. (Repealed).
1987, c. 72, s. 55; 2009, c. 32, s. 12.
55. Not later than 30 June each year, the Commission shall submit a report of its activities for the preceding fiscal year to the Minister.
The Minister shall table the report in the National Assembly within 30 days of receiving it if the Assembly is in session or, if it is not sitting, within 30 days after resumption.
1987, c. 72, s. 55.