S-32.1 - Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, film, the recording arts, literature, arts and crafts and the performing arts

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51. No presenter may, without the consent of the artist, give as security the rights he obtains by contract from the artist or grant a security on a work subject to a contract and of which the artist remains the owner.
1987, c. 72, s. 51; 2009, c. 32, s. 12; 2022, c. 20, ss. 26 and 41.
51. (Repealed).
1987, c. 72, s. 51; 2009, c. 32, s. 12.
51. No member of the Commission may, under pain of forfeiture of office, have any direct or indirect interest in an undertaking putting his personal interest in conflict with that of the Commission.
Forfeiture is not incurred if the interest devolves to the member by succession or gift, provided he renounces or disposes of it with dispatch.
1987, c. 72, s. 51.