S-32.1 - Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, film, the recording arts, literature, arts and crafts and the performing arts

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(section 1.2)
Audiovisual productions in the fields of film and recording of commercial advertisements
film and television productions” means film and television productions, including pilots, that are to be first marketed for distribution to the public via movie theatres, television, home viewing, Internet viewing or some other means. A film or television production includes an audiovisual production that qualifies as a film within the meaning of this Act and is not an “advertising film” or a “video-clip”;
advertising film” means audiovisual commercial advertisements, whatever the medium, that are to be first marketed via television or movie theatres;
video-clip” means
(1) any video-clip, whatever the medium and regardless of how it is to be marketed to the public; and
(2) any total or partial recording of a musical, comedy or variety show, whatever the medium, except a recording that is to be first marketed via movie theatres or television.
2009, c. 32, s. 23.