S-32.01 - Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, arts and crafts and literature, and their contracts with promoters

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2. For the purposes of this Act, the said fields include the following artistic activities:
(1)  visual arts : the production of original works of research or expression, which are unique or in limited copies and are conveyed by painting, sculpture, engraving, drawing, illustration, photography, textile arts, installation work, performance, art video or any other form of expression of the same nature;
(2)  arts and crafts : the production of original works which are unique or in multiple copies, intended for a utilitarian, decorative or expressive purpose and conveyed by the practice of a craft related to the working of wood, leather, textiles, metals, silicates or any other material;
(3)  literature : the creation and the translation of original literary works such as novels, stories, short stories, dramatic works, poetry, essays or any other written works of the same nature.
1988, c. 69, s. 2.