S-3.4 - Fire Safety Act

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151. In addition to the powers otherwise conferred on it by this Act, the Government may, by regulation,
(1)  determine standards applicable to badges and other identification papers of firefighters ;
(2)  determine standards applicable to the equipment of a fire safety service, the conditions governing the use of the equipment, and vehicle identification standards ;
(3)  determine the decorations and citations that may be awarded, the cases in which they may be awarded, the procedure for awarding decorations and citations, and the classes of persons or bodies that may qualify therefor ;
(4)  fix the amounts payable to obtain a certified copy of a report of the fire investigation commissioner or of appended documents ;
(5)  determine a tariff of fees, compensation and expenses that may be paid during an investigation made by the fire investigation commissioner and taken out of the appropriations granted each year to the Minister for the purposes of this Act, the terms and conditions of payment and the classes of persons to which the tariff applies.
2000, c. 20, s. 151.