S-3.3 - Act to ensure safety in guided land transport

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54.1. The Minister may, as an exceptional measure and to the extent the Minister determines, authorize the operator of a guided land transport system to apply rules in the operator’s undertaking that differ from the standards established by the safety code adopted by the Government, or those established under subparagraph 10 of the first paragraph of section 54, where the Minister considers that they provide an equivalent level of safety.
The operator of the guided land transport system shall publish the rules authorized by the Minister in the manner the latter determines, together with a copy of the Minister’s decision. The rules shall come into force on the date specified in the Minister’s decision.
Any provision which creates, or imposes a penalty for, a contravention of a standard, specified in the Minister’s decision, that is replaced by a rule authorized by the Minister is applicable to that rule.
1997, c. 78, s. 17.