S-3.1 - Act respecting safety in sports

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46.24. No person may operate a shooting club or shooting range without a licence from the Minister of Public Security.
A shooting club is a sports body whose activities consist in the practice of the sport of target shooting, or the holding of target shooting competitions, with restricted or prohibited firearms.
A shooting range is a place designed or adapted for safe target shooting with restricted or prohibited firearms on a regular and structured basis, but does not include a shooting range exempted from the obligation to be approved under the Firearms Act (Statutes of Canada, 1995, chapter 39) or the regulations.
The terms “restricted firearm” and “prohibited firearm” have the meanings assigned to them by section 84 of the Criminal Code (Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, chapter C-46).
2007, c. 30, s. 14.