S-3.1.01 - Dam Safety Act

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19. The owner of a high-capacity dam must have an impounded water management plan prepared by an engineer according to the conditions and within the time fixed by the Government by regulation, and must keep the management plan current.
In addition, the owner of the works must, in collaboration with the emergency preparedness authorities and in compliance with the conditions and time limits fixed by the Government by regulation, prepare and keep current an emergency action plan.
The owner of the works is responsible for ensuring that the plans are applied. The plans must remain available for inspection by the Minister.
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The information contained in the impounded water management plan and in the emergency action plan is public information. The Government shall, by regulation, determine the manner in which the plans are to be made available to the public.
A regulation made by the Government pursuant to the first or second paragraph may, however, prescribe the conditions on which dams may be exempted from an obligation set out in those provisions.
2000, c. 9, s. 19.