S-25 - Agricultural Societies Act

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34. The object of the said county societies, united societies and district societies shall be to promote improvement in agriculture, horticulture, silviculture, mechanics, manufacturing and domestic industry and works of art,—
(1)  By holding meetings for the discussion of and for hearing lectures on subjects connected with the theory and practice of improved husbandry;
(2)  By promoting the circulation of agricultural papers;
(3)  By offering prizes for essays on questions of theoretical or practical agriculture;
(4)  By importing or otherwise procuring animals of superior breeds, new varieties of plants and grains, and seeds of the best kinds;
(5)  By organizing ploughing matches, competitions respecting standing crops and the best cultivated farms;
(6)  By holding exhibitions and by giving prizes thereat for the raising or introduction of superior breeds of stock, the invention or improvement of agricultural implements and machines, the production of all kinds of grain or vegetables, for excellence in any agricultural productions or operations, and generally for the improvement of domestic and manufacturing industry, and for works of art.
R. S. 1964, c. 112, s. 34.