S-25 - Agricultural Societies Act

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1.2. In this Act, subject to the power provided for in section 1.3,
(1)  city or town means the territory in which a local municipality whose name included the word city or town had jurisdiction immediately before the county corporation that would have had jurisdiction in the territory, if that territory had not been excluded by law from the jurisdiction of that corporation, ceased to exist;
(2)  county means the territory in which a county corporation had jurisdiction immediately before it ceased to exist or, in the cases referred to in section 5, on 2 April 1912;
(3)  council , warden and secretary-treasurer , where those words refer to a county , mean the council, the warden or the secretary-treasurer of the regional county municipality that, in respect of the territory concerned, succeeded the competent county corporation.
1996, c. 2, s. 931.