S-2.2 - Public Health Act

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53. The Minister, public health directors and institutions operating a local community service centre may, each at the appropriate level of intervention, for the purpose of preventing disease, trauma and social problems that have an impact on the health of the population and influencing population health determinants positively,
(1)  organize public information and awareness campaigns;
(2)  promote and support preventive health care practice among health care professionals;
(3)  identify and assess situations involving health risks within the population;
(4)  establish mechanisms providing for concerted action between various resources able to act on situations that may cause problems of avoidable morbidity, disability and mortality;
(5)  promote health and the adoption of public social policies capable of fostering the enhancement of the health and welfare of the population among the various resources whose decisions or actions may have an impact on the health of the general population or of certain groups;
(6)  support actions which, within a community, foster the creation of a living environment conducive to health and well-being.
2001, c. 60, s. 53.