S-2.1 - Act respecting occupational health and safety

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180. The inspector may, in addition to his general powers,
(1)  investigate any matter within his competence;
(2)  require the employer or principal contractor, whichever is the case, to produce the plan of the installations and of the layout of the equipment;
(3)  take, free of charge, samples of any kind, particularly of objects used by the workers, for analysis; he must then inform the employer and, if possible, return the samples to him after analysis;
(4)  conduct tests and make photographs or recordings at a workplace;
(5)  in order to ensure that a building, a structure or civil engineering works are stable, require the employer, principal contractor or owner to produce an attestation of solidity signed by an engineer or architect, or an attestation contemplated in section 54;
(6)  in such cases as he may determine, instal a measuring device at a workplace, or cause it to be worn by a worker with the worker’s written consent, or order the employer to instal it or cause it to be worn at the time and place the inspector indicates, and require the employer to transmit the data on the terms and conditions the inspector determines;
(7)  be accompanied by one or more persons of his choice while performing his duties.
1979, c. 63, s. 180.