S-18.1 - Act respecting the Makivik Corporation

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36. From 28 June 1978 until the termination of the first annual general meeting of members, a provisional board of directors, consisting of twenty-four persons, is constituted as follows: one representative of each Inuit community is appointed at a meeting of the community council or local authority of each of the fifteen existing Inuit communities, two representatives may be appointed by the Northern Québec Inuit Association, four members may be appointed by the Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec, and three other representatives are appointed in accordance with section 17.
Should any member of the provisional board of directors not be appointed in accordance with the preceding paragraph, a vacancy remains on the board until an appointment is made.
The remaining members of the board fill vacancies other than those provided for in the preceding paragraph, in the case of representatives already appointed by the community councils and the Northern Québec Inuit Association. Vacancies created by representatives appointed in accordance with section 17 shall be filled by the person who made the appointment.
The term of members of the provisional board of directors so appointed or appointed as substitutes commences on the date of their appointment.
1978, c. 91, s. 36.