S-15 - Act respecting the Société du parc industriel du centre du Québec

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28. The Corporation is declared to be the sole owner of the immoveables comprised in the territory described in the schedule and which it owns on the 14th of May 1971; every real right which, on such date, may subsist upon such immoveables, in favour of any person other than the Corporation, is extinguished.
The Corporation is also declared to have been the sole owner of the immoveables it sold to Glaverbel Canada Limitée on the 16th of April 1970 at the time it alienated them; every real right which may have subsisted upon such immoveables in favour of a third party from the 16th of April 1970 is extinguished from such date.
Any person who, but for the preceding paragraphs, would have been entitled to claim before the courts any real right upon all or part of the immoveables mentioned in such paragraphs shall henceforth have a personal claim against the Corporation for an amount equal to the value of the real right, calculated on 14 May 1971. Such a personal claim shall be prescribed on the same day as would have been the claim for the real right which it replaces.
1971, c. 63, s. 5.