S-11.01 - Act respecting the Société de développement industriel du Québec

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10. (Replaced).
1971, c. 64, s. 10; 1974, c. 56, s. 6; 1982, c. 39, s. 2.
10. The Corporation may, with the approval of the Government, construct immoveables for purposes of manufacturing, in order to sell or lease them upon conditions considered appropriate by the Government.
With the approval contemplated in the preceding paragraph, the Corporation may sell or lease such immoveables to commercial businesses if it fails to sell or lease them to manufacturing businesses.
The Corporation may entrust a municipality and a municipality may accept that the Corporation entrust it with a mandate under the terms of which the municipality shall administer and maintain such immoveables situated in its territory and so do at its expense if they are vacant and at the expense of the Corporation if they are leased.
1971, c. 64, s. 10; 1974, c. 56, s. 6.