R-9.3 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Elected Municipal Officers

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32. (Repealed).
1988, c. 85, s. 32; 1991, c. 78, s. 7.
32. On the date a participant ceases to be a member of the council of a municipality, the amount of his pension credits shall not exceed 70 % of the average pensionable salary of his three best remunerated years of service during his last term of office, or during all his last terms provided they were successive terms.
If the participant has less than three years of service during his successive terms of office, the average pensionable salary is computed exclusively on the basis of his years of service during that period.
For the purposes of this section, the pensionable salary for a year is deemed to have been received in unvarying amounts throughout the service counted for that year.
1988, c. 85, s. 32.