R-9.1 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Certain Teachers

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41. The amount computed under section 39 is payable and shall be established at 60 years of age, in the case of a female person who has become entitled to a deferred annuity and at 65 years of age in all other cases. Where the person retires after the age of 65, the amount shall be established at the age of his retirement.
Sections 24, 26, 31 to 33 and 35, adapted as required, apply to benefits payable under sections 39 and 40. For the purposes of sections 24 and 26, however, the amount of the maximum pensionable earnings is equal to $9,300 in all cases where the 1.6% rate is applied to $14,000.
Section 25 applies to benefits payable under sections 39 and 40. The rate of indexation shall, however, with respect to the years and parts of a year giving entitlement to the benefits, be equal to the excess of the rate of increase of the Pension Index determined by the Act respecting the Québec Pension Plan (chapter R-9), over 3%.
Payment of the amount computed under section 39 shall be made in a single payment each year in the month of June.
1986, c. 44, s. 41.