R-9.1 - Act respecting the Pension Plan of Certain Teachers

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34.6. For the purposes of this division, contributions include every amount paid by the person and every contribution from which he was exempt under this plan or under any other pension plan from which his service was transferred to this plan, but excluding contributions deducted in excess for any year subsequent to 1986. Contributions also include any interest accrued on those amounts, where applicable, in accordance with the pension plan in question. However, contributions do not include amounts refunded to the person under any such pension plan following a transfer of service made on the basis of actuarially equivalent benefits, where the total amount of accumulated contributions exceeded the actuarial value of the benefits vested under the other pension plan.
However, any sums paid by a person to a supplemental pension plan established by an included employer within the meaning of the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan shall be reimbursed if the funds have been transferred in accordance with the said plan.
1990, c. 87, s. 7.