R-8.01 - Act respecting the Régie des télécommunications

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29. On cancelling an authorization to carry on a telecommunications undertaking and subject to fair and prior compensation, the Régie may order the transfer of the whole or part of the assets and liabilities of the holder of the authorization to another operating company.
If the companies concerned do not agree on the prices, on the terms and conditions of payment of the compensation or on arbitration for that purpose within 60 days after the decision to cancel is rendered, the Régie shall fix the amount of the compensation and order payment thereof to the holder whose authorization is cancelled.
Any interested person may appeal to the Expropriation Division of the Court of Québec in respect of the compensation fixed by the Régie. Such appeal does not, however, stay the cancellation or transfer referred to in the first paragraph.
1988, c. 8, s. 29; 1988, c. 21, s. 66.