R-6 - Act respecting the Régie de l’électricité et du gaz

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20. The Board shall also have authority and exclusive jurisdiction:
(a)  to oblige any electricity distributor, whenever the Board deems it just and in the public interest, to extend its electricity service to another territory designated by the Board and to serve the consumers in such territory, upon such conditions and at such rates as it may determine; to oblige any distributor operating in Québec an electricity undertaking, whenever in the opinion of the Board the interests of Québec, the circumstances and equity justify such action, to supply, upon such conditions and at such rates as the Board may determine, from the electricity produced in Québec, that which is needed by industrial and commercial undertakings in the territory of such distributor and, for the same purposes, order such distributor to connect his systems to other sources of electric power situated in Québec;
(b)  to receive any petition and decide any contestation respecting the establishment or extension, upon municipal highways, roads, streets and lands, of underground conduits, overhead wires or other installations used for transmitting or distributing electricity;
(c)  to regulate any electrical construction or line, even when it crosses or parallels an already existing installation of any nature whatever, and order all necessary work in respect of both the electrical line or installation and the already existing installation;
(d)  to order, on such conditions as it may determine and notwithstanding section 2 of the Act respecting certain public utility installations (chapter I-13), the sharing of the utilization of poles by more than one supplier or distributor of electricity when only suppliers or distributors of electricity utilize or require the utilization of such poles.
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