R-26.2.1 - Act respecting the restructuring of university-sector defined benefit pension plans

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63. To make possible an amendment to restructure a pension plan that does not have to be restructured under section 19, the employer must take measures to allow active members who are covered by a pension plan established by a collective agreement, but who are not represented by an association, as well as active members who are covered by a plan established otherwise than by a collective agreement, to submit observations. If 30% or more of those members object to the amendment, it cannot be applied.
Section 58 applies with respect to active members represented by an association.
If the active members do not agree to the amendment regarding the sharing of contributions and the establishment of the contribution to the stabilization fund before 1 January 2018, the rules set out in the first paragraph of section 10 and the second paragraph of section 13 apply.
2016, c. 13, s. 63.