R-24.0.2 - Act respecting the representation of family-type resources and certain intermediate resources and the negotiation process for their group agreements

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63. No provision of this Act or a group agreement may restrict or affect the powers and responsibilities
(1)  of a health and social services agency with regard to the recognition of resources to whom the agreement applies;
(2)  of a public institution with regard to recruiting and evaluating such resources;
(3)  of a public institution with regard to the clinical and professional services required by the users referred to such resources; or
(4)  of an institution with regard to controlling the quality of the services delivered to the users referred to such resources and with regard to making sure, by means of monitoring visits, that the intervention plan developed for those users is being followed.
The exercise of such powers and responsibilities does not result in the legal subordination of the resources to the public institution or the health and social services agency.
2009, c. 24, s. 63.