R-24.0.2 - Act respecting the representation of family-type resources and certain intermediate resources and the negotiation process for their group agreements

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6. For the purposes of the recognition of a resource association, only one person may sign a membership form and vote on behalf of a given resource.
To determine the specific character of a resource that takes in both adults and children, the greater number of recognized places assigned to one of the clienteles is the deciding factor. If an equal number of places is assigned to two clienteles, the resource chooses the group of resources it wishes to belong to.
If a resource is bound to more than one public institution, the combined number of places used by the institutions must be taken into account to determine whether the resource meets the requirement of subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph of section 1 regarding the maximum of nine users the resource may take in.
2009, c. 24, s. 6.