R- - Act respecting the Compilation of Québec Laws and Regulations

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3. Updating the compilation consists in incorporating into the text of the laws and regulations the repeals, replacements, additions and other amendments that are in force among those made by Parliament, the Government or another competent regulatory authority; it also involves removing expired provisions and provisions whose purpose has been achieved, while ensuring the compilation’s overall consistency.
Updating includes the power to proceed with the following operations, without changing the substance of any text:
(1)  making such alterations as are necessary to ensure terminological uniformity and a high quality of language, particularly with regard to grammar;
(2)  correcting obvious errors of reference, data-entry and transcription, and errors of a similar nature;
(3)  eliminating needless repetition, and clarifying phrases by means of references;
(4)  if the intended meaning is otherwise clear, making minor corrections with a view to reconciling, among other things, the French and English versions; and
(5)  updating amounts, rates and other figures whose indexation according to a predetermined index is expressly provided for in the law or regulation in which they appear.
2009, c. 40, s. 3.