R-17.0.1 - Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans Act

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76. Upon the introduction of an application for separation from bed and board, divorce, annulment of marriage, dissolution or annulment of a civil union or payment of a compensatory allowance, the member and his or her spouse are entitled, upon application in writing to the plan administrator, to obtain a statement of the benefits accumulated by the member under the voluntary retirement savings plan and the value of the benefits on the date the proceedings are instituted; the statement also contains any other information determined by regulation. The benefits and their value are established according to the rules determined by regulation.
The member and the member’s spouse are also entitled to receive a statement of benefits, upon application in writing to the administrator, for the purposes of pre-hearing mediation concerning a family matter or of a joint procedure before a notary for the dissolution of their civil union. The statement contains the information determined by regulation.
2013, c. 26, s. 76.